Learn Hypnosis – Weight Loss – Hypnotherapy Lesson

By Karl Smith | Blog

Jan 12
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Hello Folks and Welcome to a very impromptu Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy lesson.

Learning about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is fascinating and enjoyable, you never never stop learning about Hypnosis and its abilities.

In this session we have a simple yet effective Hypnosis Weight Loss session, with some ideas and techniques.

Im not saying this is all but it will give you valuable ideas and techniques to test out yourself with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy techniques.

Remember with all cases if your not sure or you feel there is more to just too much food, get the client to speak to their GP/Doctor.

All I want you to do is take notes and then practice!

Learn with us here as well Hypnotist.Live 

Be Safe, Enjoy and Believe

All the Best

Karl Smith

Lead Trainer

UK Hypnosis Academy 

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