Past Life Regression 2
Apr 04

Patient to Therapist

By Connor Banks | Blog

Its January 1998 my then wife is pregnant, I get a call from her saying she is bleeding and going to hospital so I pack up my tools and let her know I will meet her at the hospital , Nothing to worry about I say she’s spotted before and this will be our third child…….Continue reading

Apr 03

Hypnotherapy Scripts – It’s time to burn them

By Connor Banks | Blog

Hypnotherapy is about being CREATIVE, INTUITIVE and  INQUISITIVE but the Old fashioned Hypnotherapy Scripts kill that, now there is not to say there isn’t a place in Hypnotherapy Training for it but as soon as the training is finished they should be banished and burnt, let me talk you through what they can’t do and what YOU can do to make your clients benefit more.Continue reading

Sep 10

No D in PTSD

By Connor Banks | Blog

As someone who was labelled with #PTSD I now find the label of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder offensive and not even the right terminology, Post-Traumatic Stress I understand as humans have experienced that for 1000s of years dating back to when we were chasing dinosaurs around.Continue reading