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At the UK Hypnosis Academy, we provide you with a standard of training unsurpassed by any other company which will take you from discovering hypnosis to a industry standard profession.

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Discover the secrets and the fundamental basics of hypnosis and change work with a professional and international training team, Our team will take you from basic psychology to medical hypnosis diplomas.


Have you already immersed yourself into hypnosis but need that cutting edge? Our team has been taught around the world by world leads and will show you how to be a success and how to be fast and effective in hypnosis.


Sit back, relax, watch and learn with hypnosis fundamentals, our online hypnosis and hypnotherapy academy. We will help you regardless of where you are in your career, from beginner to seasoned we have something for you.

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"What a mind blowing, life changing experience! Cannot thank our trainers enough. Not only did I learn amazing new techniques but learnt a lot about myself. Can't wait to get on with my new career and change not only my life but the lives of others. Looking forward to doing more courses and expanding my knowledge even further! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Louise Donno

"The training was carried out at an excellent pace with practical the foremost. I have learnt so much and especially about me in the time. My eyes are open and my way of thinking has changed for the better. The academy team are so professional and helpful in every way. I am so glad I made the decision to change my life." - Paul Goddon

"The trainers and the course content delivered by UK hypnosis academy is mind blowing. The team are absolutely passionate. Have learnt so much and have been given an amazing skill set. Am delighted that the course was so practical. I can't wait continue my development and learn more on other courses that are offered." - Karis Edwards

"A huge thank you to Karl and his amazing team! The 5 day Hypnotherapy Diploma course, offered an up to date form of hypnosis. Although the course was intense, it was made fun and lighthearted and I felt fully supported at all times. The personal practise opened you up personally for self discovery and self development! Looking forward to more of your courses at UKHA" - Lisa Gunnett

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Our vision is...

“ To deliver the best, rapid and safe hypnotherapy and associated techniques training which enables all our clients to deliver a safe environment to help and promote well being in all of their clients”

Our teaching areas...

Basic to Advanced Hypnosis Training
Continuous Professional Development
Mentoring and Support Programs
Online Hypnosis Academy

What is the UK Hypnosis Academy?

Our statistics since we began...

500 + People Trained
137 Courses Undertaken
24 Countries Visited



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